The Special Hotel Operational Signs of existing hotels with the past classification system cease to apply automatically on 31/12/2018. Until that date, all of the aforementioned businesses in order to submit a notification of their operation must be endorsed with a classification certificate.

The classification process for the main tourist accommodation (classic type hotels, furnished apartments) is mandatory for all categories and functional forms (1 * – 5 *). It should be noted that under the current institutional framework, it is possible to rank in the higher category of the existing one if the conditions are met. Note that the implementation process is mandatory within the operating period of the accommodation.

For non-main tourist accommodation (rooms to let and apartments) the ranking process is optional. However, the validity of the rating statement is 5 years, the cost of the process is low, and the resulting benefits from obtaining a classification certificate in a particular key class are multiple. It is therefore appropriate that even the firms in this category are involved in the ranking process.

Traditional A and B class hostels do not yet have the obligation to participate in a ranking process

TEAM CERT provides audit and certification services to businesses of all types and categories with using experienced and skilled staff.

Along with the classification certificate, a Greek breakfast and / or Boutique Hotel certification may be issued, where the conditions are met. Also, TEAM CERT has a qualified group of quality inspectors (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS), environmental certifications (ISO 14001, EMAS, GREENKEY), health and safety (ELOT 1801, OHSAS 18001) . It is allowed to collect a very large number of points which ensures the company is ranked as high as possible.

Since the remaining time is limited, we feel it is necessary for you to be activated immediately for your correct information, as well as the self-assessment of the accommodation to be preceded.