Road Safety Management System

ISO 39001

The new International Standard ISO 39001: 2012 is a tool for organization improvement and organization, which describes the fundamental requirements of a Road Safety Management System.

The standard is addressed horizontally to Private or Public Organizations and Businesses whose activities, directly or indirectly, burden road traffic and therefore affect Road Safety, irrespective of size and economic activity. The requirements of the standard can be applied to any company or organization,

Private and /or public,of any economic activity that creates traffic directly or indirectly, such as: Transport Companies, Road Assistance Companies, Road Traffic Management Companies, Travel Agencies, General Travel Agencies, Passenger Companies, Logistics Centers, Distribution Companies, Taxi Companies, Courier Companies, Technical Companies, Vehicle Rental Companies, Vehicle Fleet Management Companies (eg Municipalities), Ports, Airports etc.

Indicative benefits of implementing and certifying an enterprise's ISO 39001 Management System:




Manages emergency situations, incidents and accidents in an effective way, and can now carry out effective investigations into each incident by implementing actions to avoid recurrence of incidents



Demonstrates its commitment to the responsible management of its corporate fleet, whether it is for passenger cars or for professional (maintenance, optimal routes etc).



Monitor road safety indicators, setting specific targets and implementing programs to achieve improved results



Demonstrates the commitment of all its employees to road safety through continuing education and awareness programs



Reduces vehicle maintenance costs and the cost of lost working hours, while at the same time increasing productivity



Recognizes all the risks associated with its activities and road safety



Ensures that it complies with the road safety legal framework



Reduces the risk of accidents

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