Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000

The ISO 22000 standard specifies the general requirements for the establishment of a Food Safety Management System in order for food chain organizations to demonstrate their ability to control risks and ensure food safety.
The requirements of the standard are general and can be applied by all food chain organizations, regardless of size and complexity.
ISO 22000 specifies the general requirements for the establishment of an enterprise's Food Safety Management System and focuses on the mutual communication between all stakeholders (businesses, suppliers, customers, authorities) in system management, risk control through pre-requisites programs and through a HACCP plan, as well as continuous improvement and updating of the system.

ISO 22000 is compatible with other Management Standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 etc) and can be applied independently or in parallel.
It is also addressed to companies that are not directly related to food production, such as cleaning and equipment manufacturing, and can be adopted by all businesses regardless of their size. ISO 22000 sets out the requirements for a food safety management system, including pre-requisites, interactive communication and system management. The standard focuses on security in the supply chain and is fully in line with the Codex Alimentarius HACCP principles.


Indicative benefits of implementing and certifying an ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System:




Creating confidence on the part of consumers and other stakeholders about the ability to identify and effectively control food safety risks.



Providing the company with the ability to document compliance with mutually agreed customer requirements for food safety to enhance customer satisfaction.



Reduced risk of financial sanctions and losses for the business, which may be related to the safety of the food produced, by maintaining a traceability system.



Optimal use of your business's human and material resources by implementing customized business guidelines and processes.



Better and continuous monitoring and enforcement of relevant legislation.

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