Environmental Management System

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard is an international standard for the implementation of an Environmental Management System that can be applied by all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size and scope, since it aims to continuously improve their environmental performance and minimize the consumption of natural resources.

The most important changes to the new version of ISO 14001: 2015 are:

  • Understanding the organization's external and internal environment that affects its environmental performance.
  • Greater focus on leadership and increased commitment
  • Monitoring and Review of information related to stakeholders and their respective expectations and needs.
  • Requirement to identify risks associated with threats and opportunities.
  • Adding preventive initiatives to protect the environment from damage and degradation, such as the use of sustainable resources and mitigation of climate change.
  • Adding Improvement of Environmental Performance.
  • Taking the life cycle into account when considering the environmental aspects.
  • Establish a communication strategy.

Indicative benefits of implementing and certifying an Enterprise Management System based on ISO 14001:




Significant financial and environmental benefits by reducing raw materials and resources in general, reducing energy consumption, reducing waste generation.



Highlight the environmental sensitivity of your business and gain a significant comparative advantage over your competitors.



Develop collaborations with customers requiring the application of an environmental management system.



Ensure full legal compliance.



Improving its environmental performance.

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