Special Hotel Operational Signs


The Special Hotel Operational Signs of existing tourism enterprises with the past ranking system cease to apply automatically on 31/12/2017.

Until that date, all of the aforementioned undertakings to submit a notification of their operation must be endorsed with a classification certificate.

The classification process for main tourist accommodation (classic hotels and furnished apartments) is mandatory,

for all categories and functional forms (1 * - 5 *). It is also mandatory to be implemented within the operating season of the accommodation.

For non-main tourist accommodation (rooms to let and apartments) the ranking process is optional. However, the validity of the rating statement is 5 for years, the cost of the process is low and the resulting benefits from obtaining a classification certificate in a particular key class are multiple.

It is therefore appropriate that even the firms in this category are involved in the ranking process:




The Greek Chamber of Hotels is responsible for the issue of the Hotel and ‘hotels and rented furnished rooms-apartments’ Classification Certificates. Classification Certificates will be issued by the Chamber of Hotels and will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue. Greek Breakfast is an innovative initiative of by the Greek Chamber of Commerce, which links and takes advantage of the cultural and gastronomic wealth of the country with Greek hotels.



The "Greek Breakfast" Program has been included in the Classification System of Star Hotels and Furnished Rented Furnished Rooms / Apartments in Key Categories as a Criterion under Ministerial Decisions 216/2015 Government Gazette B'10 and 21185/2014 Government Gazette B'2840, as applicable.



It is a program of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, which has been designed and implemented methodically since 2010 with the main purpose of enriching the breakfast offered to Greek hotels with pure and unique products of Greek land, as well as with traditional local dishes of each region of Greece.



If you are interested in the process of classifying your Hotel, you can request our financial offer by completing the corresponding Application Form.



Traditional A and B class hostels are not yet required to participate in a ranking process.

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