Communication Services System - Requirements for Providers

ELOT 1435

ELOT 1435 System of Communication Services - Requirements for Providers is addressed to communication service providers in Public Sector Bodies.

In particular, the application of the standard concerns the following categories of communication services:

  • Planning and organizing advertising strategy
  • Production of original speech or art creations, as well as any medium recording, adaptation, execution or reproduction thereof, made for the above purposes
  • Advice on the selection by the contracting authorities of the appropriate means of displaying advertising and other public messages
  • Advice, general promotional and public relations services or the creation of web content on the Internet
  • Broadcasting, posting or using other material to display advertising and other government messages

The categories of companies / providers of communication services are distinguished as follows, by sector of specialization:

  • Advertising companies
  • Media programmers and space and time buyers
  • Public relations companies
  • Sales and direct marketing companies
  • Branding companies

Indicative benefits of implementing and certifying a Management System under the company's ELOT 1435:




Compliance with Law 3688/2008 (Government Gazette 163 / A / 2008), according to which certification is necessary in order to be able to participate in tenders of the Public and the Public Sector.



Provide confidence to the customer that the company meets the mutually agreed upon requirements and the applicable laws and regulations.



Increasing the satisfaction and confidence of Customers and the Market in general for its ability to consistently provide communication services.



Analysis and recording of customer requirements and implementation - monitoring the communication program according to these requirements.



Better management control of affiliates and subcontractors.



Defining and improving the organizational structure of the company.



Better financial management.

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