For organic products, the appropriate legislative framework is in place to apply not only to the primary (plant and livestock production units) but also to the secondary sector (processing, standardization and marketing) so as to ensure compliance with the commitments of legislation which regulates the organic production of plant and animal products, their processing, labeling and marketing.
Organic farming products are products that have been subject to rules laid down

by Community and national legislation designed to protect the environment, preserve and / or increase the euphoria and biological activity of the soil, and the creation appropriate conditions for maintaining the interdependence between soil, plants, animals and animals with the soil without the use of external factors of production.

A producer in order to be included in the Organic Farming Control and Certification Scheme should initially choose the Audit and Certification Body with which to cooperate and:




Notify the Directorate for Rural Development of the Prefectural Authority within 10 (ten) days of the signing of the Convention of the commencement of its activity on organic production of products within the administrative boundaries of which the headquarters of the holding or its business is located



Submit to the Audit and Certification Agency an Application accompanied by a Formal Declaration to commit to the implementation of the legislation



Sign a cooperation agreement with the Audit and Certification Body

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